The Mu-PRO PhaseFieldSDK

is a commercial tool to help you develop your own Phase-Field applications. It contains multiple solvers, such as elastic solver, poisson solver, allen-cahn solver, cahn-hilliard solver, ferroelectric TDGl solver, LLG solver, magnetic solver, etc.

We sell the SDK license based on your end application type. For example, we have ferroelectric license, ferromagnetic license, metal license, and effective properties license, each give you access to the necessary solvers for the specific type of simulation.

For each of the license type, we provide an open sourced main program that our licensed users can access and modify for their own use cases.

Ferroelectric module

Evolve spontaneous polarization domain structure in both bulk and film setup considering elastic and electric coupling.

Micromagnetic module

Evolve magnetization in both film, bulk and island setup consider elastic and magnetic coupling.

PREDICT module

Preicipitate, diffusion, and reaction Phase-field model. Featuring accurate treatment of the stoichiometric compounds.

Effective Properties module

Calculate effective properties of most linear properties for inhomogeneous material system.